Trumpet Student, Jóhannes Þorleiksson, from Iceland

When I started chemotherapy eight months ago I thought my trumpet days were over for a while. But I was wrong. Not only was I able to perform in various situations but my playing and sound progressed. Of course there were many bad days because of the medicine but I learned how and what to practice. When I look back over the eight months I see that I have never performed so often and in so various fields including, symphonic orchestra, woodwind and brasswind bands, jazz quintett , funk groups, rock groups, weddings, brass quintets and the list goes on for a while. I owe very much to my teachers but the most I owe Mr. Purtle. Without being under his teaching and modified routines I would never have been able to do this.


Jóhannes Þorleiksson
Reykjavík, Iceland