Trumpet Cleaning

Highspeed Trumpet Cleaning:

The following products were used:
Dawn Dishwashing Soap
Herco Flex Brush HE76 (trombone size)
Mouthpiece Brush
Old Toothbrush Herco Spitballs - Standard Size
3M Scotchgard Tarni-Shield Silver Polish
Yamaha Silver Polish Cloth - Large
La Tromba T3 Valve Oil
Bach Tuning Slide Grease

1. Disassemble
2. Soap and Warm Water (Hot water for Silver finish is ok.)
3. Soak at least 15 minutes.
4. Use bent cleaning brush to navigate through valves entering the lower tube of the third valve slide.
5. Use toothbrush for threads, valve caps and hard to reach areas.
6. Use spitballs for hard to reach second valve on piccolo trumpet and between regular cleaning.
7. Assemble trumpet before polishing to avoid getting polish inside trumpet and valves.
8. Polish and buff silver with a soft cloth and use Yamaha Polishing Cloth between regular cleaning.
9. Squirt valve oil in leadpipe and completely coat the inside of the leadpipe.
10. Hold down all valves and blow the valve oil through the entire trumpet until it comes out the bell. This provides a protective coating of valve oil to slow down wear inside the trumpet.

Notes: Bending the end of the brush is extremely useful to make it through the valves without scratching the inside of the valve casing. Blowing valve oil through the trumpet at the end has allowed all of my trumpets to last a very long time with not red rot issues ever. Larry Souza mentions several of these things in his audio lecture on my site. Create a free account and login to listen for free to this and over 200 hours of free audio.