Stefanos Pimenidis - Testimonial

"Jeff is the absolute truth about teaching trumpet!" because like his teacher Claude Gordon he knows WHAT NOT TO SAY about playing.
Although I started at 11 I was taught the wrong despite my efforts and many hours of studying all it was a frustation. As a result I quit many times and started all over again...I knew that there is another way...the CORRECT ONE...
After years (and many mouthpieces..) I found out about JEFF PURTLE  and CLAUDE GORDON methods through his site.
Don't waste money (equipment) and time (studying the wrong way not knowing what and how). Had I met Jeff earlier I would have been a better player..who knows maybe a I know what and how to do it...It might be late for a career now but I enjoy playing and I have made a real friend...
Thanks Jeff!

Stefanos Pimenidis
Professor of Economics
Thessaloniki, Greece