Sergio Frade - Testimonial

Trumpet Lessons with Jeff Purtle by Sergio Frade

I started playing the trumpet when I was very young, but I always had problems with my embouchure, and lips. I stopped playing the trumpet at age 24 after, while playing in a band, hit the trumpet player in front of me causing a blow to the lip.

When I went to Canada, I was in a music store looking for some books and the words "BRASS PLAYING IS NO HARDER THAN DEEP BREATHING" caught my attention and I was very excited.

My thought was: “Can I finally play again?” "Easier?" I asked if they had more books by this author (Claude Gordon) in the store and they had the “SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO DAILY PRACTICE”.

That is when I started studying trumpet again. I read carefully what C.G. said in the book “HOW TO PRACTICE AND WHAT TO PRACTICE”.

In 2005 I met Jeff and we talked about having lessons. I told him I was Portuguese but was living in Canada at the time . I came back to Portugal and started playing professionally.

After 11 months of studying with Jeff, I played for the first time my TRIPLE C.

Now I play more comfortably, with more endurance, and easier, more power too. This is awesome. Anyone can do it. Thanks Jeff for helping me.

Sergio Frade
Freelance Musician and Lead Trumpet player
Lisbon, Portugal