Ray Grzybowski - Testimonial

I have been working with Jeff on a regular (weekly) basis to improve my trumpet playing skills. I am what one would consider a comeback player that required extensive work and encouragement, since I had not played for almost 20 years. He is a disciplined teacher with an approach to trumpet playing that has greatly improved my skills and performance level. My improvement was gradual due to my personal constraints of finding the time to practice the varied exercises and routines prescribed by Jeff. At first, I thought that process was very rudimentary; however, I slowly learned that the process was necessary to establish some fundamental building blocks. Suddenly, I began to feel a real difference in my playing ability and a confidence in execution in concert performances. 
Jeff also has an excellent brass camp that I had attended this past summer. What an experience to meet other trumpet players striving to master this instrument. The lectures and the personal exchange of various topics with professional performers, like Harry Kim, Carl Lenthe, etc. was totally awesome. It was like living a dream. All the participants and artists encouraged all who attended to continue their personal desire to improve their playing skills, the do's and don'ts of playing in a band, section, etc. Jeff is totally approachable and willing to offer help in improving one's performance. I recently e-mailed Jeff a question regarding some new music notations on a score that I never saw before and was headed to a rehearsal on the piece that night. Jeff responded to me within an hour of my e-mail with his insight on the notations that I question. 
I cannot say enough about Jeff. I am very fortunate to have found him and very appreciative of his talent and instructional skills. I plan on continuing this relationship with Jeff and look forward to future brass camps.

Ray Grzybowski
Conestoga Wood Specialties, CFO