Matt Parkinson - Testimonial

Trumpet Lessons with Jeff Purtle

I’m Matt, an aspiring professional trumpet player and teacher from the UK. I started playing trumpet aged 10 and picked up every bad habit you could think of. At aged 18 I was playing lead trumpet in a Latin band and at the end of the gig the inside of my mouthpiece was covered in blood and I knew I had to sort my playing out now.

I changed my embouchure and started completely from scratch, only just being able to play a second line ‘g’. Well here I am now after only a year of studying with Jeff and the results are amazing. I would not have dreamed coming so far so quickly, Jeff has completely changed my trumpet playing and practicing, guiding me through all aspects of trumpet and eliminating the worries that most aspiring players have.

There is no word or sentence that I can think of that gives Jeff enough credit for his teaching prowess. His ability to take any willing student no matter what their ability and guide them to a professional level is something I believe Claude would be very proud of!

I look forward to seeing what improved abilities Jeff’s guidance will bring out of me, in my playing career. 

Matt Parkinson
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK