Eric Vine - Testimonial

After deciding to resume trumpet playing after a 20+ year’s on and off  break I searched the internet  to see if things had changed much with method books, teaching routines  etc,  and the name Claude Gordon kept popping up everywhere I went.  Being in Australia and part of the brass band movement, I had never heard of Claude but decided to buy Systematic Approach as it sounded ideal for me, in that it gave me a set routine to follow every day which I felt I needed.

The Claude Gordon  forum on  Trumpet Herald  became my daily reading , and on the urging of another of  Jeff’s  students  in Australia,  I made contact with Jeff and have been taking weekly online lessons for the last 8 months. I was initially unsure how it would work over the internet, but I have been very pleased with how it works, and Jeff's structured  approach  focuses  the students attention to the things that count in learning what, how and when to practice.

Anyone in Australia (or any country) thinking about Claude Gordon online lessons don’t hesitate… Jeff Purtle through his website, in just over 8 months, I am starting to get the feel of what Claude’s teaching is all about thanks to Jeff. Things are just starting to happen for me and it can for anyone willing to put in the time and work with Jeff.  My goal is to be the best player I can be and I am looking forward to the journey with Jeff’s expert guidance. I am a definite attendee at Jeffs next Brass conference and urge all of his Australian students to attend as well…..having access to Harry Kim, Jeff and others is something we can only dream of, why not realise the dream?

Eric Vine
Melbourne VIC, Australia