Trumpet Lessons with Jeff Purtle by David Bertie

Jeff Purtle is an excellent coach, mentor and friend of any aspiring trumpeter prepared to embark on the hard yards of self-improvement.   In our four-year association, the practice routines he has recommended have turned my trumpet-playing from a seemingly aimless chore into a daily joy of realisation and discovery.  The 10-years Jeff spent learning with Claude Gordon taught him exactly how the 7 elements of trumpet-playing combine to make it an experience devoid of frustration.

Sadly, Claude Gordon (and specifically his printed books) has become a divisive topic among trumpeters.  I have lost count of the number of trumpet players who have told me “I used that book and it messed me up !”  When asked if they had sought his advice, or that of one of his students when practising “that book”, none of them had.  Why would all the information be in any book ?  Lessons are key and good for the management of ego.

Make no mistake; hours of work and daily dedication are required to stick with the material set and especially the prescribed methods of practising it.  Jeff knows where your playing-standard is and knows the route of study needed to improve every aspect of your playing.  Further to this, Jeff’s encyclopaedic knowledge of all things trumpet and his unique collection of recorded lectures given by Claude Gordon provide the perfect support to your studies.

I recommend you do your trumpet-playing a favour and get some lessons.  If you really care, get those lessons with Jeff Purtle.  There is nothing better in the World than playing the trumpet and Jeff’s advice, listened to and acted on, will genuinely maximise your results.

David Bertie
Freelance Trumpeter
Brass Teacher
Wincanton, Somerset
United Kingdom