Carolyn Deakin - Testimonial

I had given up playing trumpet for over 20 years when I began studying with Jeff in 2010. I had previously studied music performance in Montreal, Canada with Robert Early at McGill University and with the late Réal Mathieu at Vanier College who coincidentally was also a former student of Claude Gordon. I decided not to pursue music as a career and I joined the Canadian military instead but I then became sidetracked by work and other commitments and stopped playing completely.  

When serving on operations in Bosnia, I met and married a British Army officer and moved to the UK. We were soon posted to Germany and then moved from one country to another almost every year.  I had I decided that I missed having music in my life and made the decision to get back into playing shape but it was difficult to get into a routine again. I attempted to find a trumpet teacher when we moved to the SW of England but could not find anyone local at the appropriate level.

I have been able to draw on his experience and knowledge whilst he provided me with the right amount of guidance and structure to my weekly lesson. The beauty of having 'portable' lessons is that either Jeff or I can be any place in the world and still have a lesson.  I have had my lessons in numerous places whilst traveling in and around the UK, Canada, France, and Belgium. 

Since starting lessons, I have got my confidence back and my playing has improved tremendously. I have had the opportunity to play with a number of very good orchestras, brass bands and small ensembles around the UK and Belgium.  I now play with the Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra in Brussels and a number of small bands around the area. Most importantly though, is that I love playing again.

Carolyn Deakin
Brussels, Belgium