Brett Loretz - Testimonial

After 30 years of playing the trumpet, including several years of study at a very fine Conservatorium in my youth, and even having managed to make bit of a living out of performing during different periods in my life, I was never able to fully realize my aspirations as a trumpet player. Limitations in range, endurance, articulation and speed seemed insurmountable, even with extended periods of arduous practice.

When I began to read about the teachings of (Herbert Clarke and) Claude Gordon, it resonated so strongly with me that I knew I had found a way to finally realize my unfulfilled dreams.

When Patty Gordon put me in touch with Jeff Purtle, I was elated to have access to an expert specialist teacher, but wondered how effective video chat lessons could possibly be. Living tens of thousands of miles from the nearest Claude Gordon certified teacher, literally half a world away, I knew this would be my only chance without travelling from Australia to the U.S.

To my great delight, not only has the on line video chat lesson format proved completely effective and satisfying, but it actually seems to work better than face to face lessons often do. Jeff has a way of redirecting attention to the things that count, and saving the student countless wasted hours of thinking about the stuff that has "very little to do with it". Jeff's reinforcement of the philosophies of Clarke and Gordon has helped me maintain a clear focus and direction, and has given me a feeling of being part of an enduring tradition.

After six months of lessons my playing has been transformed in ways I could not have anticipated. It is very clear to me now, that my ultimate success is just a matter of time. Every couple of days I notice something new, something improved, something becoming easier. I am grateful to Jeff's work continuing Claude Gordon's legacy and for making it possible for me to learn from such a great distance.

Brett Loretz
Queensland, Australia