Bob Stratton - Testimonial

I started playing trumpet at 11 years old, taking private lessons for about 3 years but always used too much pressure and high notes never came easily. High C was my limit and not very strong. In the 70's-damaged my lip by too much pressure trying for high notes and didn't play for 20 years. Started back in 1998. Tried different embouchures - even drove to Staten Island for a three hour lesson with Jerome Callet. Tried that embourchure for 1.5 years - no good. Finally saw an article in the newspaper and started taking from Jeff Purtle last August 2006. I'm not where I want to be yet, but have made alot of progress. Am playing more relaxed and things seem 100% better. Jeff is an excellent teacher and has alot of insight about brass playing. Even if you're just playing for enjoyment, I'm sure you'd find it worthwhile to give Jeff a call.

Bob Stratton
Greenville, South Carolina