Ali Daneshkhah - Testimonial

I have studied online with Jeff since June 2010 from Iran, first by emailing recorded videos of my performance then online lesson and live through video chat.
I could have never imagine that it can be possible to learn online, but it happened! 

At first, I asked him some questions about Free Buzzing, Mouthpiece Buzzing and Pencil Exercises. 
I had always been thinking I am not able to play high notes and without no stability. I didn't even have a place to practice... 

He took me straight to the right way. 
Jeff answered my questions by telling that "I never assign my students to do Free Buzzing, Mouthpiece Buzzing or Pencil Exercises; You should blow to your horn!" 
Not only he proved me just the opposite of what I thought and showed me who I am, But also he did all of these only in couple of weeks! 

He is always available and answers my sudden frequently. Questions such as playing, clinical problems, choosing instrument, methods and musics and etc. 

In summary, I highly recommend students to study with Jeff because I've found a pure honesty and friendship with him. 


Ali Daneshkhah
Censor of Music at IRIB
Tehran, Iran