ITG Conference - Trumpet Masterclass

Trumpet Masterclass at ITG 2017

Having studied with Claude Gordon for a decade, there is perhaps no one more well versed in the famous pedagogue’s methods and routines than Jeff Purtle. The presentation focused on the primary teachings of Gordon and how to incorporate his methods into developing a strong, effective practice routine. Purtle emphasized Gordon’s approach that there is no music without mastery of technique and that it is, therefore, imperative to become a master on the instrument in order to make great music. In developing a routine, Purtle emphasized that consistency in practice leads to consistency in execution. While demonstrating many of the exercises in Gordon’s method books, Purtle detailed how to utilize each drill to enhance and stretch a player’s fundamental abilities. Purtle showed how Gordon’s approach of perfecting small excerpts of exercises, repeating them, and then gradually adding material can help a player refine any etude or piece.-EM

A Group Private Lesson

This clinic was a practical application of how to apply the Claude Gordon principles to a practice routine. It was essentially a group private lesson in a multimedia lecture format and an expansion of Chapter Nine in Jeff's Hit it Hard and Wish it Well book.


International Trumpet Guild Conference 2017