A. A synopsis of my career Herbert Lincoln Clarke

In closing, I might add a synopsis of my career as a cornetist since my joining with the Gilmore forces in 1892:

Over eight thousand miles of travel with different musical organizations, such as Gilmore's Band, Victor Herbert's Band, and that of the great John Philip Sousa.

Over six thousand programmed cornet solos, including 473 concerts in one season, this being a record.Visited fourteen different countries, playing before crowned heads and the nobility of Europe.

Thirty-four tours of the United States and Canada, and four European tours, as well a tour completely around the world.Made more phonograph records than any other cornet player, both in the United States and Europe.

Appeared as soloist at all the great "World's Fairs," including the
Chicago World's Fair, Chicago, 1893;
Atlanta Exposition, 1895;
World's Fair, Paris, (France), 1900;
Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901;
Glasgow Exposition (Scotland), 1901;
World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904;
Panama Exposition San Francisco, 1915.

In addition to these I appeared in the same capacity at many famous resorts throughout this country, Florida; Atlantic City, Nantasket Beach; Manhattan Beach; Washington Park, Coronado Beach; Willow Grove Park (sixteen seasons), and Pittsburgh Exposition (eighteen seasons).

My bandmasters career:
Director of Taylors Safe Works Band, Toronto;
Heintzman Piano Company Band, Toronto;
Reeves' American Band of Providence, R.I.;
Clarke's Providence Band, Providence, R.I.;
Naval Brigade Band of Massachusetts;
Second Regiment, B.R.I.M., Providence, R.I.;
First Light Infantry Band, Providence, R.I.;
Anglo-Canadian Concert Band, Huntsville, Canada.

At present I am Director of the Long Beach Municipal Band, Long Beach, California, a position held for the past seven years, playing two concerts daily the year round (Long Beach is both a summer and winter resort), these free to the public.