Claude Gordon Testimonials and Endorsements

Read what these great artists say about Claude Gordon, his books, and his teaching. It really works for anyone that wants to learn to play correctly and it is the fastest way to develop as a brass player with strong fundamentals essential for a career playing any style of music.

I have known Claude for a number of years. I knew him as a great trumpet player and also a great teacher.

I think his new book should help everyone who is interested in being a good, strong trumpet player.

Conrad Gozzo
1st Trumpet NBC Studios
Television & Recording
Hollywood, California

Your Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing is just what the doctor ordered. It gives you the wind power that is essential in fundamental blowing. I use it for all of my students and my two sons.

Joe Alessi
Professor of Brass
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California
Designer of JO-RAL mutes

For the past six years I have been working with Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach To Daily Practice and Daily Trumpet Routines books.

For many years I had been considered a third chair player and now these routines have made me a lead player. The Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing has to be the book that will revolutionize the next generation of brass players.

As a professional player and teacher, I highly recommend Mr. Gordon's work of art.

Réal Mathieu
Studio musician for the past 15 years
Trumpet teacher at Concordia University
Montréal, Quebec

Having just studied the draft of Claude Gordon's studies and knowing that Claude has been working on this book for almost twenty years, I would certainly recommend these studies for every young student plus some of us old timers.


Mannie Klein
One of the all time
great trumpet stars.
Motion Picture-Television-

As a musician and with much respect for Claude in our many years of professional work together, I highly acclaim anything he has to say about the trumpet. What is even more wonderful is that in my estimation, it's the first book on trumpet written that teaches you how to practice.


Pete Candoli
Well known television
& recording artist.
Star of the great bands

I believe the Claude Gordon method of brass instruction to be the finest and a must for the serious student!

David B. Roberts
Hollywood Recording
Trombone Artists

During the years that Claude occupied the first trumpet chair in the Columbia Broadcasting System Staff Orchestra in Hollywood, he distinguished himself for his superior musicianship. With his brilliant tone, his great facility, and his extraordinary accuracy, Claude always turned in outstanding performances that contributed greatly to the success of our orchestra.

Wilbur Hatch
Musical Conductor
CBS Television
Hollywodd, California

I use this book for my daily practice and study.

In my opinion, Claude Gordon is the finest brass teacher in the business; and I believe that this book, studied and practiced in the prescribed manner, will make an artist of anyone who has a reasonable amount of talent.

Sincere best wishes
with fond affection,

Wyle Harrell
Trombone Artist
Hollywood and Las Vegas Shows

This book presents an important step forward from previous methods of teaching trumpet. Claude Gordon has always been a perspective and imaginative musician, and the student of his method will benefit from his thoughtful analysis of present day trumpet technique.

Leith Stevens
Motion Picture & Television

This is the first brass method book I've seen that is really a method and not just a collection of hackneyed exercises. The material here is so comprehensive, well organized, and logically presented that no serious student or profesisonal can fail to benefit from it. I believe this book will prove invaluable to brass teachers as well. Every study necessary to the mastery of the instrument is here at fingertip, eliminating the need for the dozens of so-called "method books" previously required. I'm sure that this has been a labor of love for Claude.

John Wanner
Les Brown Orchestra
Buddy Morrow Orchestra
Steve Allen TV Show
Bob Hope TV Show
First Trombone, Carlton Hayes Orchestra

I studied with Claude for years, and I've found his daily routines to give me consistency and stibility for all kinds of playing.

Jay Daversa
Solo Trumpet 6th Army Band
Presidio of San Francisco

I have just read Claude Gordon's new book "Systematic Approach to Daily Practice", and in my opinion, it is one of the finest methods I have ever read. If a student completes this book, I am sure that he will be a professional trumpet player in nothing flat.

Don Fagerquist
Spectacular Trumpet Stylist
Hollywood, California
Television & Recording

I have been associated with Claude Gordon for many years. I have played alongside of Claude when he played first trumpet for the Columbia Broadcasting System.

I have examined Claude's "Systematic Approach" and find it very valuable for complete development to meet modern demands.

Ziggy Elman
Great Trumpet Star
Television & Recording
(featured with the great
bands such as Benny
Goodman, Tommy Dorsey
and Paul Weston. Also
records with his own band.)

Every student of trumpet should have and use this method written by Claude Gordon.

This si the one method that truly prepares the studetn as well as the aspiring profesional for the demans in the high register, endurance and facility that confront the modern business trumpet players.

John Clyman
Formerly 1st Trumpet
Los Angeles Philharmonic
and Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
Presently 1st Trumpet
20th Century-Fox Studios

Claude Gordon's "Systematic Approach to Daily Practice" has one of the most sound approaches to developing a tremendous range. His explanation of the pedal register is excellent. In no other book has the practice of "k's" been given its proper importance.

Robert DiVall
Principal Trumpet
Los Angeles Phliharmonic Orchestra
Hollywood Bowl Pops Orchestra

I have been associated with Claude Gordon for many years. His students are among the finest players. I have used his students on first chair positions in my orchestra, and I sincerely recommend his Systematic Approach to Daily Practice.

Si Zentner

Of the various trumpet studies I have used, I credit Mr. Gordon's exercises and his method of presenting them with the most help in acquiring a strong and flexible embouchure.

I heartily recommend this book to al sincere trumpet students.

Vincent E. Shank
1st Trumpet for the past 15 years
in Las Vegas show bands
(formerly with Russ Morgan - Ted Fio Rito)

Clauude Gordon's method for the trumpet represents many years of work and is one of the finest examples of combining the talents of a great trumpeter, and his wonderful ability to pass on this knowledge to others.

I most sincerely recommend this fine work.

Larry Sullivan
1st Trumpet
Warner Brothers Pictures

To Whom It May Concern:

I've known Claude Gordon and have admired his playing for many years. I think he's among the best and feel he has a lot to offer in his new book. He has students all over the country, and I assure you no time is wasted in seeking to improve along the lines he recommends.


Hanry Russell
Formerly Musicial Director
for NBC, Western Division

Let me say there is no short cut to successful trumpet playing, but I have found the method that assures success with conscientious practice - the Claude Gordon method.

After years of "hit and miss" studies which led to fears and self doubt, I began studying with Mr. Gordon; and within the year my confidence was restored. Daily practice once again became a pleasure, professional playing a thrill.

Speaking as both a student and professional, I would like to thank Mr. Gordon for his years of research in the field of trumpet study and teaching.

Chazz Sutton
Hollywood, California

I have known and worked with Claude since 1939. As one of the top rated trumpet players in Hollywood, his success as a trumpet player is only surpassed as a trumpet teacher.

The ability of his fantastic students speaks louder than any words I could add.

Uan Rasey
Radio, Television, Records, Movies, etc.
1st Trumpet - MGM for 22 years:
West Side Story
Ben Hur
My Fair Lady
American In Paris
Mary Poppins

It has been my pleasure to have been associated with many of Claude Gordon's students, especially Stan Mark, my present lead trumpet. This speaks for itself!

Maynard Ferguson

In my opinion, Claude Gordon's Book is the perfect method for the working musician as well as the serious student. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was the major contributor in helping me attain my present position.

Stan Mark
Lead Trumpet - Maynard Ferguson Orchestra

I started studying with Paul Witt (14 year Claude Gordon student) in 1991. Claude's method has made a 200% improvement in my playing. I found that the saying Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing is fact, not theory. If you put the time and effort into practicing Claude's routines correctly and consistently, it's impossible for your playing not to improve. I guarantee it!

Lee Loughnane
Trumpeter & founding member of Chicago

Time has proven Claude Gordon to be one of the finest brass teachers in America. I have had the privilege of playing in sections which have included Claude's students and have marveled at their strength, power and security.

I am especially pleased that Mr. Gordon has written a method book for beginners and very young players. What can be more important than starting with a firm foundation based on solid fundamentals? Few can be more qualified in this regard than Claude Gordon.

Dennis L. Schneider
Professor of Trumpet
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE

Claude Gordon has done it again! Not content with having produced THE GREATEST treatises on range and flexibility for advanced players, Claude has now presented us with a book of the same quality which is designed for elementary performers. Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing should be required reading for all young performers and their teachers.

Dr. Ted J. Crager, Associate Dean
School of Music
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL

Thank you for letting me review your new book, Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing. It is truly an outstanding contribution to brass pedagogy and you may be sure that I will not only use it in my teaching but also in my recommended course of study.

John J. Haynie
Professor of Music
Coordinator of Brass
North Texas State University
Denton, TX

As a Jazz Educator, I am constantly asked if there are any shortcuts to learning how to improvise. There are none. The first priority is to have the basical classical skills together. That means hours of diligent study under the guidance of good teachers using the proper method books. Claude Gordon is one of those teachers, and he has just written a great new study called Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing. It is published by Carl Fischer and is available in treble and bass clef. If you are a teacher, add it to your library of teaching materials. If you are a student, use it! It is just great!

Rich Matteson
North Texas State University
Denton, TX

For years I've observerd brass players struggling to handle the progressively difficult music that has been appearing in the intermediate schools on up. This trend is forcing a majority of brass players to suffer needlessly. Their personal development has not followed a logical progression and they find it hard to reach the level of performance required today.

The need to start beginners with a secure foundation on which to build is the most important factor in the background of anyone who wants to excel to the highest level of proficiency. The Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing has the exact data to establish this important foundation. As with his previous books, Claude has written a "method" to take the beginner on a logical gradient of routines.

I have tested an advanced manuscript of this book on several of my private students and the results were fantastic. Any teacher (or student) can adjust the lesson plans according to his own ability by using one or several lessons each week. I also found this book effective for embouchure changes. As the instructions are clear and the method of progressing already mapped out, one needs only the ability to read. Good luck.

Carl Leach Jr.
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Soloist 6th Army Band
TV shows and recordings
Currently freelance
San Francisco Bay area

Having studied with Claude only six months, I have already noticed a tremendous difference in my playing.

His books, and exercises have made me aware of the most important factor in playing a brass instrument, which is wind power.

I would recommend this book for any trombone player, as well as any trumpet player.

Craig Woods
Lead trombone Ray Charles Orchestra
Freddy Martin Orchestra

Gordon's approach is one of the very few that shows the student how to develop an embouchure of great range and flexibility. This book should replace all the trial-and-error teaching that produces such appalling results concerning embouchure and breath control.

Ronald Ricketts
Trombonist, Minneapolis Symphony
Faculty - University of Minnessota,
Macalaster College, Hamline University, and
St. Thamas College

I have studied with Claude for years. From this I have learned that his teachign methods apply to successful Trombone playing. His students, clinics, and books attest to this. With all concern towards playing trombone successfully, Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach To Daily Practice In Bass Clef is the most complete method on How to Practice! All brass players with a desire to be great players, and the endurance and control demanded of today's instrumentalists are excellent reasons to use Claude's approach.

Ron Williams
Trombone recording artist
Hollywood, CA

I have known Claude for four years now. He is a well organized, clear-thinking man, and his Systematic Approach To Daily Practice, reflects these qualities. With all the methods to choose from today, I'm glad I found a method that gave me the range, endurance, and facility I need for all types of playing. Systematic Approach To Daily Practice is necessary for all serious students.

Steven Tropp
Dick Jurgens Orchestra
Disneyland Show Band
Love Machine Show
The Brass Rail

This is a method, finally, that gives the beginner a chance to really become a trumpet player. Calude Gordon is a master teacher and player; therefore, all the studetn has to do is learn.

Larry Skinner
Soloist: United States Navy Band

I have studied with Claude for many years and feel that he is the foremost authority in the art of trumpet teaching. I am sure this book, used correctly, can start anyone on the right road to becoming a great trumpet player.

Bill Hicks
Harry James Orchestra
Freelance Trumpet Player
Hollywood, CA

After many years of research and teaching, music teachers finally have a definitve and logical approach to beginning brass playing. Physical Approach To Elementary Brass Playing should be a must for any teacher workign with beginning brass students.

Phillip H. Olsson
Professor of Trumpet
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL

Daily Trumpet Routines is a most welcome addition to my repertoire.

The flexibility studies are brilliantly conceived and extend into registers where modern performers must have control of their tone production techniques.

Your arpeggio studies are the most comprehensive and thorough studies of this type ever written. Bravo!

The advice you give on how to practice and derive the most benefit from exercises you have written is excellent.

Every serious brass player should own Daily Trumpet Routines.

Byron Autrey
Professor of Trumpet
Chairman of Brass
Michigan State University

Through my travels and experience in many different situations, I have foudn that range, endurance and above all, accuracy is a must for today's demands. Claude Gordon has not only been of great assistance in helping me as a teacher, but has provided the greatest "true method" his Daily Trumpet Routines, that has helped me immensely in achieving the three necessary areas to become a great trumpet player. I highly recommend this method to any serious trumpet student.

Bob O'Donnell
1st Trumpet for Shipstad's and Johnson' Ice Follies
Louie Bellson Orchestra
Si Zentner Orchestra
1st Trumpet for Johnny Mathis
1st Trumpet for Disneyland Show Orchestra
Television and Recording in Hollywood
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

I have studied with Claude Gordon for a number of years, so I feel that I known what rewards this method and analysis can bring any trumpet player. Believe me, this is a must for any serious student of the trumpet.

Marshall J. Hunt
Formerly 1st Trumpet:
Ray Charles Orchestra
Count Basie Orchestra
Gerald Wilson Orchestra
Louie Jordan Orchestra
Stevie Wonder
Issac Hayes Movement
Gladys Knight and the Pips
Supremes Show
Smokey Robinson

having known Claude as a friend for many years and also having been one of his "guinea pigs" in the formation of Daily Trumpet Routines, I can strongly recommend this book as an asset to any serious trumpet student. I practiced these routines when studying with Claude and continue to use and enjoy the benefits of this fine book, both in my own practice and also with my students. It's a pleasure to see these routines published in book form.

Tom Holden
Harry James Orchestra
Osmond Bros.
Follies Bergere-Hotel
Tropicana, Las Vegas
TV and recording work

After having played trumpet for 25 years and receiving degrees from two of our large universities, I can honestly say that I ahve made more progress under Claude Gordon in two years than in all my previous years of playing.

While the Claude Gordon practice system can be adapted to students of all ages, it can trully be called a post-graduate course in professional trumpet playing and teaching.

William B. Knevitt
Bachelor of Music Education
Master of Music Education
Public school music teacher for 9 years
President of Contemporary Trumpet Studios
Author of "How To Play High C On Trumpet"
Trumpet Soloist and Clinician

I find Daily Trumpet Routines to be both logical and comprehensive.

The various daily routines are well conceived and represent a series of studies that are vital to the development of flexibilty, endurance, range and control of all brass instruments.

All students, performer and teacher alike, of the brass family will find this a most valuable treatise in both the development and preservation of their embouchure, technique, endurance, flexibilty, and control.

Cordially yours,

William D. Revelli
Revelli Band Hall

A must for every serious trumpet player. Both students and professionals have much to gain through its proper use.

Tony Horowitz
1st Trumpet with Ray Charles Orchestra

Claude's Daily Trumpet Routine offers superb help in setting the foundation for a trumpeter's daily practice and performing schedule.

Along with Claude's first book Systematic Approach, it can help develop a trumpeter's total concept of playign with a particular emphasis on strong upper register development.

Ed Sheftel
New Haven Symphony Orchestra
BA Music Education - Northwestern
Master Degree Music - Yale

Having studied with Claude for many years, using the studies within this text, I can easily recommend its use for obtaining the most practical and desirable skills.


Bob Berrenson
Harry James Orchestra
Dick Jurgens Orchestra
Hollywood Recordings
Las Vegas Shows

Daily Trumpet Routines ... is an invaluable teaching aid that really gets to the heart of good, strong, solid trumpet playing. For the serious student and all professional trumpet players, I enthusiastically recommend the use of this book.

Roy Cummings
Instructor of Trumpet,
University of Washington
1st Trumpet and Music Coordinator
for Northwest Releasing Corportation

Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach To Daily Practice and Daily Trumpet Routines should be in the library of serious trumpet player. It is one method that shows you how to practice, and that turns that practice into progress. There are no gimmicks - just sound approaches to fundamentals which will develop the complete trumpet player. having studied with Claude for several years, I have found his method the most successful for me.

Howard Struble
Hollywood Recording
Las Vegas Shows

As far as learning trumpet is concerned, I have always believed in a common philosophy: "Different strokes for different folks." But, at the same time, I have also maintained that there are certain basic principles that apply to everyone. Claude's book is one such principle. It gives good foundation for all around palying with great consistency - "So's you can stroke anyway you want to!"

Ron King
Stan Kenton
Larry Elgart
Nancy Wilson
Bill Medly

Claude Gordon's Daily Trumpet Routines, in my opinion, is one of the finest methods for brass instruments.

I ahve used it daily since its conception and can honestly say that, used properly, it can develop tremendous strength in every aspect of playing - namely range, flexbility, embouchure, etc.

Speaking as a former student, I would like to say that I'm proud of this book for al the help it has given me.

I recommend Daily Trumpet Routines to any brass player who wants to further his ability.


John Rosenberg
Freelance Trumpet Player
presently with Osmond Bros.
recording and TV

With today's demanding brass parts, the problem is not to find literature but to acquire the ability to play it! Mr. Gordon's Daily Trumpet Routines and Systematic Approach will prepare you physically, technically and mentally to perform any type of brass literature. Both of Mr. Gordon's books are at the core of all my brass students' studies.

David B. Evans
Principal Trumpet - Chapman Symphony
Trumpet Soloist
Director of Chamber Music - La Verne College

I played professionally for 10 years before studying with Claude. Those years were frequented by all those frustrations trumept players are familiar with. Now I use his method for my daily practice. Frustrations are few and far between and becoming fewer.

I see the same improvements in my students. It is now possible for a young player to achieve a feeling for consistent playing.

Fred Sautter
Principal Trumpet Oregon Symphony
Soloist - Clinician
Getzen Co., Inc.